Dear Sleep,

You’ve been avoiding me.

What’s with this? Are you mad at me for something? Did I leave the light on or drink too much caffeine?

I don’t think I have done any of these things.

Yet, at 11:00pm, our normal meeting time, you are nowhere to be found.  You’ve ghosted from my life like Casper with demonic intent.  Thanks to your absence, I’m counting the hours and minutes and seconds as the night lumbers on.  Last night, with little else to occupy my time, I meditated to the fan’s oscillation as it moved left to right.

Without you, my life is a mess.

It’s 1:06pm, currently, and I’m yearning for you.  Forget accomplishing anything at work today, you’re all that’s on my mind.

It’s been four days and I’m lost. I amble from place to place with eyes that scream of your deprivation.  Consider coming back to me, at least for tonight.  Or maybe I can invite our mutual friend, Sleeping Pill, to come out and hang with us.  Perhaps a buffer will make our time together less strained.

Hoping to see you tonight.

With sleepy regards,


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