Bucket List

  1. Fall in love.
  2. Visit Ireland, Italy, Germany, Russia, Egypt, Greece, Australia, France, Britain, and Spain.
  3. Live in one of the places from #2 for a year.
  4. Have a children’s book, short story, play, novel, poem, and memoir published.
  5. Self-produce a play.
  6. Meet a famous author.
  7. See a musical on broadway.
  8. Move to a city where I don’t know anyone.
  9. Go to the west coast.
  10. Learn Latin.
  11. Go sky diving.
  12. Kiss in the rain.
  13. Learn to drive stick.
  14. Teach myself sign language.
  15. Have a beer with a priest.
  16. Own a dog.
  17. Go deep-sea diving to a famous shipwreck.
  18. Work at a famous museum.
  19. Learn to preserve historic documents and/or photos.
  20. Start a book club.
  21. Play chess with an older man in the park.
  22. Gamble in Vegas.
  23. Have breakfast at 3AM with a stripper and hear about what her night was like.
  24. Get my masters.
  25. Learn everything there is to know about my family history.
  26. Help a stranger.
  27. Have dinner with Gordon Ramsey.
  28. Go to culinary or pastry school.
  29. Learn how to play guitar.
  30. Perform in a play.
  31. Earn money for charities or other non-profits.
  32. Be part of a comedy roast.
  33. Go to a church of St. Francis de Sales.
  34. Help make a movie.
  35. Learn a magic trick.
  36. Meet Rajiv Joseph for some ice cream and a chat.
  37. Become close friends with someone much older than myself.
  38. Get an entire bar of people to participate in a sing-a-long.
  39. Become friends with a scary, biker guy.
  40. Go camping alone.
  41. Become licensed to kill.
  42. Learn to play “Free Bird” on the guitar – it’s a crowd pleaser.
  43. See the Vatican.
  44. Visit Maria Mitchell’s Observatory at Vassar College.
  45. Make a pizza with a true Italian chef in Italy.
  46. Bungee jump.
  47. Share a meal delivered to me with the delivery person who delivered it.
  48. Make a three-course dinner for my friends.
  49. Learn to play “Clair de Lune” on piano.
  50. Drink a bottle of Jameson with a guy named Jameson.
  51. Start my own business.
  52. Beat a table of men at poker – take all their money.
  53. Dine and dash (but leave a hefty tip for the waiter).
  54. Give an organ to someone who needs it in order to live.
  55. Drive down Route 66.
  56. Enjoy a kegs n’eggs breakfast (once I google exactly what that means).

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