Little List of Blogs

Here they are, folks, my favorites.  The ones I keep coming back to again and again.  So, take a peek.  See what’s going on.

(PS: I love a good blog suggestion from time to time.  Keep me in the know!)

    It’s ooey.  It’s gooey.  It’s good.
    I dare you to not go out and buy $40 worth of cheese after reading this blog.  I double-dog dare you not to drool.
    here doesn’t seem to be an up or down in this world but something about it feels every bit right.
    Be prepared to log into this world and not log off for quite a bit.
    o you like beer? Me too! Do you love beer? Me too!
    Trust me.  This blog is for you.
    ome days it is as simple as a statement scrawled on a notepad.  Other days its an insightful post.
    Everyday it is caffeinated – simplicity, perfected.
    A cupcake a day keeps the d– nope that’s not right, yet it’s oh-so-right.
    A new cupcake recipe with mouth-watering photos every, single day.  Gold.
    ven if you weren’t the middle kid in your large family (heck, even if you were an only child) you’ll find home in her stories.
    Not to mention the fact that she illustrated each post with a crafty snapshot.
    aybe it’s my inner/outer white girl, but something about this blog speaks to me always.
    That and I love the blog title.

2 thoughts on “Little List of Blogs

  1. lbeth1950 May 20, 2016 / 4:37 pm

    I love the wonderful lists. Thanks. Following you.

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