Dear Keytar Bear,

Wherever you go, whatever you play, your music brings joy to the citizens and tourists of Boston.

And you always seem to know when I need a smile.  As your paws work that Keytar, I can’t help but feel my day brighten.  Even without my morning coffee, when I hear your groovy beats, it’s like I had a double cappuccino.  There will be times that I’m on my way home from work and I’m burdened with the day’s stress and, right then, I look up and there you are! Just like that, my stress goes away.

In short, you’re all that’s right with the world!

I hope to run into you soon.

Your fan,


Dear Doppelgänger,

I haven’t met you yet.

But I know you’re out there…somewhere.

Sometimes when I’m bored but need to look alert, instead of diving into a Words with Friends game, I’ll scan the crowds for your face…er…my face.  Chances are slim that I’ll ever gaze upon our shared characteristics but it doesn’t mean I’m not eager for it to happen.

Perhaps my eagerness stems from a Parent Trap fantasy in which I met you (not my twin necessarily but close enough) and we fight at first but then we become like sisters and finally mess with our families.  I know, I know, that’s no where near the plot of the Parent Trap but it’s my take away.

If you’re out there, Doppelgänger, I hope we’ll beat the odds and cross paths.

See you someday,


Dear New Job,

Three days into this job and my desk is already cluttered.  I already hear people saying, “I don’t know, ask Olivia.”

And you allow me to wear jeans.

For this and so many more reasons, I’m grateful to be here with you.

It’s nice to feel needed and useful.  And it’s nice to know that I can make an impact on a company that’s doing something good for this world.  It’s awesome to actually be paid a decent wage for the hard work I put in.

And you are filled with employees who are all nice and truly love what they do.  Which makes me joyful to head to work in the morning.

I hope that, finally, I have found a place I can stick with for a long time.  A place where I can cultivate a work family and find myself as I work.

Thanks for this opportunity.

— Olivia

Dear Absence,

Oh, hey.

It’s been a while.

But you get it, don’t you? Time passing without saying hello doesn’t necessarily mean there is a lack of caring.  This time has been time to heal.  It’s been a time for change.  It’s been a time to get life back on the tracks.

You’ve provided me time to write more letters.

Thanks, Absence, for allowing me to be well enough to have a fresh look at the world again.

And with that, I say, hello to the world! And will be ever grateful for you, Dear Absence, for giving me the time for contemplation and love.

Now it’s time to get back into the saddle.



Dear Person on the Other Train,

It’s still an amazing moment for me when, on the monotonous grind of the daily commute, I find a new friend.

Well, maybe friend is not the proper word.

Kindred spirit.

Yes, that’ll do.

Yes, dear sir, you are definitely a kindred spirit.  While everyone was staring down at screens and forcing candy into a row, you stood in your train and I stood in my own, both of us impervious to technology’s pull as our trains passed and we were offered a glimpse into the parallel world we live – you on the 1 and I on the 2; barely a breath away.  And in that moment, you saw me starring at you.

And I waved.

And you waved.

Then the moment was over.

But it was a nice moment.  A moment when I met you, my kindred spirit, and you seemed just as thrilled as I was to see someone looking back at me through that window during a brief reprise of NYC Underground Darkness.

I hope you got to where you were going safely and with as few delays the 1 can try to offer during a commute.



PS I am fully aware that you could have just been bored out of your mind because in all actuality your phone died.  But this is my world and, in my world, you were searching for one of those brief interludes in your subway commute just like me.