Dear Fate,

You’re a bit of a bitch, has anyone told you that?

Sure, sometimes you intervene and ensure that planets align so that us mere mortals can happen upon an ice cream truck at the exact moment that we are craving ice cream but that’s like, what? Once every 12 years? ….If we’re so lucky.

But when it comes to times when you could interfere and truly make a difference, it’s as if you wimp out.

Is that it?

Does the pressure get to you?

Well just imagine it on our end!

Oh, you say, My power is to great, you say, and if I meddle too much mortals won’t know how to make things happen on their own!

Yeah, I’m really feeling for you right now…

I’d kill for your powers.

For the ability to make everything work out perfectly.  To walk through the turnstiles just as the doors open to an empty subway car that doesn’t smell like vomit….To learn that the boy you love returns the feeling without all the bullshit that’s involved in this texting-driven, relationship-fearing, age we live in…To find one last container of guacamole at Whole Foods and no line in the 10 items or less check out…

You have control over our world.

So stop being such a bitch and throw us a bone once in a while, alright?

I’m sorry I had to be so harsh but sometimes someone has to step in and take control of You, right?

Buck up,




Dear Wale,

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a movie with someone. Usually I go after work, needing a place to decompress in where no one can talk to me. The movies force solitude, you see.

I forgot how awesome social movie watching could be and I learned that watching a movie with a stranger is weirdly satisfying.

I’m glad that you were ahead of me in line. And that you walked in front of me to get to your seat one I’d sat down. And the again to move to a better seat. And then again to ask if you could sit next to me for the movie.  You did a lot of moving at this movie.

But it was nice to have someone to share the laughs and worry for the heroes in the seat next to mine.  There was satisfaction in knowing we both cracked a smile at the same time.

So thanks, Wale, for picking me out and asking to sit next to me. You reminded me that I’m not completely isolated in this isolated city of isolated people. Thanks for the human contact.  We should become movie-watching friends.

See you at the next movie,

Dear Professor,

We’ve never met, but I always imagined you whenever I thought of the dusty classrooms of higher education. In essence you are the mixture of every movie professor or teacher that has struck my fancy: a little Dead Poet’s Society, and Mr. Feeney, mixed with the teacher from White Squall and Bam! You were created in my mind’s eye.  Yes, you were always there amongst ivy-covered buildings and jackets with elbow pads.

I apologize if I stared but I had never expected to see you outside of my mind’s academia, let alone on the 2 Express at 11:53 at night.

Yet, there you were, the professor of my dreams, grading papers in those expensive leather shoes only lawyers and professors wear (perhaps you’re a law professor?). You had headphones in and every few minutes you’d completely jam out thinking no one else was watching (this action solidified your status as coolest professor).  I like to imagine that you were listening to something completely unexpected, Kanye? Maybe even a little Eminem? And since you are the professor straight out of my educational dreaming, perhaps you were listening to something as bold as “Straight Outta Compton.” Eh, a girl can dream.

Honestly, Professor, you might be the coolest guy on the planet with your weird sense of college swagger and old man charm.  I’ll hopefully see you doing some grading on another subway at another time.  If not, you’ll always be grading papers and inspiring students within the classrooms of my mind.

It was nice to finally stare at you.

Can I enroll in your class?



Dear Man I Bumped Into,

That was blissful, wasn’t it?

I mean, sure, I spilled a little coffee and I hate wasting a single drop of that sacred liquid but that was human connection at it’s finest.

Sure, it was uncomfortable and you looked peeved.  I get it.  No one likes all human contact, especially from strangers that could cause light bruising, but don’t you sometimes forget what it’s like?

In this age of highly evolved technological communication, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to have a conversation or just smile at a person.  We don’t make eye contact with people around us because we’re looking down at phones.  Human connections are entirely necessary and purposeful.  Those little moments keep us, well, human.  They keep us from feeling utterly alone even if we are utterly alone.

I don’t take back our moment.  I don’t apologize for walking into you because if I hadn’t we might have never been able to look up from our respectful phones and live.

Let’s stay connected,