Dear Woman Sitting Next to Me on the Train,

You, yes, You, are a good person.

For starters you buy printed newspapers still.  And not like the Boston Globe in print but your local town paper.  In print. Do you know how cool that is? Supporting local companies is a clutch move.  And beyond just buying these newspapers, you interact with them.  I’ve seen you tear out coupons, finished a sudoku, and diligently read the paper from start to finish.  This seems to be a ritual of yours. 

And I totally approve.

Then you did something that floored me.  You got up, found your purse, and then you took one step towards the dining car before turning back and saying:

Do you want a coffee?

You’ve never met me.  We’ve exchanged small pleasantries but otherwise we’ve sat in our respective silences.  Yet, regardless, you offered to buy me a coffee.  

Before today, I didn’t know that good people like you existed.  You are the stuff of legends.  A mystical mermaid, if you will.

So thank you for the coffee.  I hope you enjoy your paper.

With warm regards,


Dear Distance,

You know how they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”?

Well they should probably add you to the mix.

Sure, being away makes my heart long for home and family gatherings but since I’m far away, you keep me from going which makes me miss everything more.  The farther away something is the less attainable it appears.

It’s like when you want another beer and it’s all the way over in the fridge.  The distance makes it seem unattainable until your roommate gets up and you can shout, “Hey, grab me another beer!”

Except, my roommate can’t make home more attainable.  Well, in a sense, maybe she can because together we can make our apartment into a home.  But, that’s not the point.

The point is that it’s awful how you can make me feel so, well, so distant from everything.  I wasn’t there when my nephew was born because of you.  I won’t be at my cousin’s engagement party because of you.  I won’t be able to see all my loved ones because of you.

You’re just too great.  And I don’t mean that in a, “Aw you’re so great!” but rather in a, “Aww, you are two bus trips and a boat ride until I can get home,” sort of way.

Could you just be a little less great so I could make my home more attainable?

Thanks for nothing,